Thursday, 2 December 2010

Chickens in the snow

We had a light smattering of snow overnight.

Washburn (Ginger Cat) went out this morning to investigate his territory, and I love that I can see the route he takes. Dinky little pawprints in untouched snow.

Went to let the Girls out of their Run and foud that 3 of them were still in the Cube. Milly (who's moulting), Delilah (who is our oldest hen) and Tilda.   The other 5 didn't exactly rush out to freedom, which makes a pleasant change as they usually stampede past me.

I went back to the house to watch.  Roobarb (young girl, first snow) perched on the ledge and Looked.   Eventually, she got up and went back into the run.  Daisy (seasoned snow pro, she and Lily arrived when it was snowing) marched out.  She marched a few steps,  stopped, turned round, and marched back in.

As soon as the wet weather started we put corrugated roofing plastic round the sides of the main run, so it should help protect them.  If they don't come out in a while, I think I'll go and shut the door.   Fox protection.

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