Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Yesterday I let the Girls out of the Run and onto our "lawn" (a bit of green grass outside the kitchen window which we try to keep chicken free) because their free range area is still mostly snow covered and I thought they'd enjoy the grass.

I was on tenterhooks, as it is potentially possible for them to escape.. they would need to find their way round to the other side of the ouse, past the waterbutts, along the bed, and right into the bottom to enable Wash and Izzy to get from the front garden to the back garden without having to leap onto and over the fence.

After an hour or so of grazing, I put them back into their own area,  and rummaged around in the shed to find the last remaining piece of netting. This is now rigged up to prevent them from accessing the catgap.    

This morning when I let them out, there was a stampede. Seven chooks came rushing out, along the path, and onto the "lawn".    Tilda stayed behind to eat from the feeders in the run in peace.

Tomorrow, if we keep the arrangement in place, I'll try and get DH to let them out, and I'll stand by with the camera.

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