Saturday, 23 September 2017


Small Person arrived last night for an overnighter.   She was excited to meet the new girls, and straightaway commented that they looked like Siouxsie.  She's been comparing them ever since.

No major dramas at bedtime yesterday, apart from me forgetting to open the pop hole to let them go up to bed.  Once that was resolved, they all went up and stayed up.  Small Person noticed that Bertie was pecking the new girls a bit, but it wasn't vicious.

Small Person fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm. It made me chuckle as not 5 minutes before she'd been telling me how she has trouble getting to sleep at night,  I know this is true because she often sends me messages trying to chat.       We left her asleep until we went to bed at 10pm.

This morning, she was only just awake at 9am. This also made me laugh as one the reasons we're having her to stay is so her mum can have a much needed lie in today.

No dramas when I opened the youngsters pop hole at 7.30 this morning.   I've seen one of them use the feeder, but not at the same time as Bertie.  It'll have to stay wedged open until I've seen them eat together.

After I'd dropped Small Person off at her morning activity,  I came home and played picky uppy with the new girls.  Neither of them liked being picky-upped,  one even less so than the other.  Even mealworms didn't really do it for them.    So I sat on the bench, made clucking noises, and threw Garvo in their general direction.

Bertie is refusing to be caught and refusing to fly up on to my arm,  so I went and did some training with the Big Girls instead.  Gloria, Poppy and Sasha all now fly up on my arm quite happily.   Fay, who could do it if she wanted to,  still refuses,    and Fleur still doesn't understand what to do.   Poor Fleur is still moulting very badly,  so  I don't want to push her too much.

I've come in for a break.  I'll go back out again in an hour or so.

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