Tuesday, 19 September 2017

More questions

I told SmallPerson and her Mum yesterday (Sunday) that Fizz's breeder had rescheduled for today Monday).  I knew she would be wondering what happened.    I also asked her Mum whether SP might want to come and say goodbye to Fizz on Monday.  I didn't ask SP directly, as I wasn't sure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to suggest.

SP's mum asked her,  and she said she'd like to say goodbye.  All being well. they'll come over after school, before the breeder arrives.

Last night, SP messaged me.  "Are you going to miss Fizz?"

I don't know whether SP was genuinely wondering if I would miss Fizz,  or if she was thinking about how she felt.  Maybe both.  

I'd miss Fiz for a while.

"And maybe Sherb" she added, while I was typing my furst answer.

Again, I replied honestly.  That I'd miss Sherb a bit more than Fizz because (a) Sherb was friendlier than Fizz,  and (b) I'd had a few days to get used to the idea of Fizz being a boy but I was still hoping Sherb was a girl

She had obviously been considering the implications of one of them being a boy or both of them being a boy.  Some weeks previously, we'd had conversations when we first got them, about what we would do if Herb was a girl, and what we'd do if Fizz or Sherbert was a boy,  back when we didn't know.  She wanted to know what would happen because she knows that we wouldn't take Herb to the allotment on his own.

I explained that we'd probably have to get 2 more young girls to put with Herb until he was old enough to meet the Old Ladies.     I smiled at her response,  Can I help train them?

She questioned me further, with her usual disaster planning head on.  What if we couldn't get any chicks?  How old did they need to be?     And so on.

I've shared my plans with her, and I'm anticipating more questions today as she digests what I've told her.


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