Thursday, 8 June 2017

Small person returns

Small Person had half term, and we volunteered to have her for 3 days.  We were delighted that she also wanted to stay over, so this included an overnight as well.

She rolled up her small sleeves, and jumped in to our day to day routine.  Cleaning out the chooks.   Egg collecting. Filling the feeders.  Filling the wild bird feeders.    Catching chooks for health checks.    Putting out higher fencing to try and prevent the Poppy and Fay getting out.     Returing Poppy and Fay each time they escaped.  Everything in her stride.

I've lost track of what else we did.  The weather was good, so the water pistols came out.    We also did a potters wheel taster session at the wonderful Hands On Art place.    Oh, and I made her a pair of leggings. They were made from unsuitable fabric, so they probably won't last more than a couple of washes - but it enabled me to create a pattern,  and I can make some more another time.

We found that one of the old bikes we keep was a good size for her,  so I took her for a bike ride: quiet roads only, and I made her ride on the pavement for part of it.   She doesn't yet have the road sense to be on the road all the time.

Oh, and I know we spent some time trying to work out (hypothetical) relationships with DH's children and grandchildren.   She was delighted to learn that she is "(step) second cousin" to my step daughter (DSD),   and even more delighted to learn that she was "(step) second cousin once removed" to my DSD's daughter.  They hardly ever see each other, but are firm friends when they do

It turned out that her school has a two week half term,  and we were asked if we could "do" Monday and Tuesday this week as well.     We jumped at the chance.   The weather was rubbish, but there was still lots to do.   She loved going to see the allotment chooks, despite the rain.    This time she helped us empty DH's shed, and I showed her how to use a labelling machine. Then I found lots of things for her to label.

She's always full of energy, enthusiasm and fun.  She isn't a fussy eater,  and she asks  questions ALL THE TIME.   She asks me questions about anything and everything, and it's an interesting window on what goes on inside her head.   

Second week also included homework,  so we made a string telephone.  This also required her not only to go to the shop (which she loves), but to go to a different shop and have to ask for something!  

I also took the opportunity to send her off with a shopping list when we were in another village,  and that was really good for her too.

She did manage to lock herself in the Girls' run,  which was quite funny. It was perhaps a little unfortunate that I only found out she was locked in the run because her Mum came to collect her,  and I had to go and look for her.  Oops!

Luckily for us, her mum has a sense of humour.   Unfortunately, she did it just before her mum turned up to collect her,  and I hadn't realised that she was stuck in there.

We've volunteered to look after her for some days in the summer hols.

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