Monday, 29 May 2017


I made another top.  
Yet another pattern adaptation,  this one didn't take long though. It's geting easier each time.

I wanted to make a slightly floaty blouse in some loively floaty fabric. However, I chickened out of using my fabric, and made it in cheaper fabric instead.    I'm glad I did.

Some things went really really  well.
  • This time, I decided to try a different construction method, and it worked.
  • My coverstitching worked (mostly)
  • The rainbow thread I used for the loopers on both the overlocker and the coverstitch worked  (I love it, and I'm going to be orderig plenty more spools)
And, as always, plenty of learnings
  • The sizing was OK, if I'd been using the original fabric. I left the darts in, just didn't sew them , so this hgave me more wearing ease.   It wasn't right with this fabric, I should have sewn the darts (I still might)
  • The neckline I drew was far to hight for the style I was going for, and for the gathered neckline.  However, it would work if I had used bust darts,
  • I should have used hemming tape to give y hems a crisper edge.

I've got a few more things on 'let's try' list. Firstly, some relatively simple things:
  • a squarer neckline, with a view to incorporating a top into a summer dress
  • a slashed neckline
  • shirring
  • Finish my empire line blueprint, and make a dress from it.
And that leads me on to making some summer dresses,  some fuller skirts (than the ones I made last year).

And go back and finish my trousers.  And some leggings.

The list goes on.

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