Thursday, 29 June 2017

Kefir revisited

Im still carrying on with the goats milk Kefir.  I think today is day 15.

I need to take a photo of my fizzog and compare the rosacea now to the rosacea before I started.
I still wince at drinking the stuff, but it no longer makes me retch,  and the thought of it doesn't make me retch.  I'm able to drink it fairly quickly, with little or no procrastinating.

If I do as directed and drink the Kefir on an empty stomach and wait a while before I eat,  then it really gets to work.    It's less obvious if I take it after I've had my breakfast (even if I wait until lunchtime and have it for lunch).

The Kefir lotion  is working wonders on my poor sore feet. 

I'm having goats milk for my lattes.

I haven't noticed a dramatic change in my bloating, so it may well be that it's not cows milk (or the A1 protein in cows milk) that it causing a problem.    I eat a lot of bread, so I guess that could be the cause.       The reality is, it's probably just "sugar belly".   When I eat refined sugar (if I have sweets, for example, or ice cream) then my belly definitely swells up.  I'm short waisted,  so there aren't many places for this to go, hence the sugar belly.

I've decided to continue with a second batch of Kefir.   Chuckling Goat recommends a 9 week course (which is 3 batches) and, so far, I'm happy to carry on with that.

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