Tuesday, 20 June 2017


It's so hot and airless, I'm struggling to get the enthusiasm to do anything.

Three days ago, I put on a me-made maxi skirt. That's how hot it is (it takes a lot of heat for me to not wear trousers).   Actually, it was sooo comfortable, I think I might have to run up some more.

DH commented on how pretty it was, and asked if I made it myself.  Yesterday I wore it again, with a different coloured/style top.   DH asked if that was another dress I'd made.      To be fair, the skirt is multicoloured (really lovely fabric),  and the colours that "pop out" really are affected by the colour of the top I wear.

Today I wore another one, with a different colour/style top.  This top, not home made,  was a lovely colour, but was far too baggy and sack like.  It occurred to me that if I just turned up the hem (by about 8 inches) it wouldn't look so frumpy.   So, I did. 

I coverstitched it, and it looked great.  I then trimmed it (which I should, of course, have done first).   And of course I managed to cut a hole in it.   Bother.

It's at the back.  It's not particularly noticeable.  It'll last until I take it off tonight to wash it (when it will most likely fall apart).

Apart from that,  I was really pleased that my on-the-hoof adapation went well.

In other news,  I've sewn up the top from yesterday.  I need to put binding on the neck,  and then hem the sleeves and the hem.  It's too hot to even think about doing that now. 

Maybe tomorrow.

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