Sunday, 11 June 2017

Out of control

I've been realy really good at not buying fabric for weeks now.   I don't have space to store any more,  and I decided I'd wait until I'd made a few more items and cleared some space before I indulged.

Each time I'm tempted,  I bookmark the piece, and then I just leave it alone.   I think about what I'd actually make with it.   I think about my "to make" list and see if the fabric that tempts me would help.

Yesterday, I cracked.

It started because a bag I made for horse-mad Small Person has, apparently, come apart.  She phoned me from a lake somewhere where she was fishing with her dad (my cousin) to let me know.  I don't have any more horsey fabric, so I was looking for something suitable.     I bought some.  And I bought a small piece of sheep fabric from the same seller.

It turned out to be a gateway purchase.

Around the same time, one of my favourite sellers of inexpensive fabric (Tilly Bee) posted some tee shirting fabric in a neutral colour at a bargain price. I bought 4 metres, thinking I could use it to make a top for me,  try a top for Small Person which I could embroider with a fab horse design,  and make a tee shirt for DH.  (I'm not planning on us all wearing the items at the same time).

I haven't bought fabric from Tilly Bee for a while, but I have been bookmarking quite a few.    I was already going to be paying for postage, so I thought I might as well get a (limited) amount of a few other ones I'd had my eye on.

In the scheme of things (the number of  fabrics I had bookmarked),  I didn't buy much.   But I did buy quite a bit.  I can see it's going to end up in yet another box in my "sewing room".

On the plus side, I managed to regain control of myself before I purchased from another seller.   They were selling some lovely lovely black and white cotton fabric that I would love to make into tops.    But I have a lot of cotton fabric that I wanted to make into tops, and I haven't.  Yet.

Perhaps this will spur me on?


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