Thursday, 29 June 2017

Skirting around things

I made  another skirt. Just a simple maxi skirt, no shape,  yogaband for the waist.     Still had a few sewing glitches,  that was down to my lack of ability.  Skirt was still perfectly wearable.  Not sure how it'll stand up to the washing machine.

And I've nearly finished yet another maxi skirt as well.  It's the hot weather. It's so much more comfortable than trousers,  and I don't have to expose my legs.

 It's just a trapezium shape,   front and back are identical,  each cut on the fold.  Sew up one side.  Sew open a slit (to prevent me tripping over) on the other side, then sew the rest of that side up.  Attach a yoga waistband. Hem.  Finished.     When I made my first successful (wearable despite the flaws) maxi skirt last year, I  made a cardboard template of the pattern.  Now I just put the pattern on my washed, pressed and folded fabric, and cut it out.  Transfer the markings to match the sides up and to tell me where to put the top of the slit,  and away I go.

It's entirely possible I will have a whole wardrobe of these before the summer is over, although it is my intention to find a summer dress style that suits me.  I've had a relapse and have bought a big bundle of cotton fabric.   I had been resisiting buying any because I already have lots. (It's just every time I go to use some I think, "Oh but I was thinking I'd make a dress out of that").

My attempt to create an empire line blueprint is hanging, unfinished, over the back of a chair.   A floaty peasant style blouse is lying on the spare bed, waiting for me to bind the neck.    Both UFOs (UnFinished Objects) require more thinking and effort than I'm prepared to expend at the mo.

My sewing machine, coverstitch, and overlocker have all been working,  and I love each of them.

All I need now is my new (to me) embroidery machine.

More news on that, maybe, at the weekend.

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