Thursday, 15 June 2017

Goats Milk Kefir

The mere smell of goats cheese makes me retch.

A long time ago, I really liked the stuff.  Then I had a very severe case of food poisoning (several days in bed with joints so painful I thought I must surely be dying), and goats cheese was the culprit.  Since then.... well... I can't stand the stuff.

 I love milk.    Milk, however, doesn't always agree with me, and makes me bloated.   A2 milk works reasonably well, but I can only get that when I go to certain supermarkets, or when Ocado delivers.      Raw milk is also great,  but that involves a trip to far distant farmers markets (I tried having it delivered. It might be OK in the winter, but not in the spring/summer/autumn!).

I drink a lot of home fermented kefir, made using cows milk, and this also helps my bloating problem.   I don't like my Kefir fizzy, though, nor strong tasting, so I keep it in the fride to slow it down.    I also am a bit erratic in drinking it.

I have water kefir, which I quite like, but that hasn't really helped with the bloating problem.

I'd been looking at Chuckling Goat's creams. Not eating creams,  creams for the skin.   I bought some, and I've been using it on my face to see if it helps with my Rosacea. A bit.  But it hasn't cured it.    Extending my use of it, however,  did improve the skin on my legs,  and stopped a neck-rash outbreak in its tracks.  Because of that,  I looked more closely at their goats milk kefir, and the claims they made for it.

In the end, I took the plunge and ordered a 3 week course (I'll need 9 weeks to clear my rosacea).   In anticipation, I also bought some fresh goats milk from the supermarket.  It sat for 2 days in the fridge, before I could make myself open it and taste it.     I remembered trying goats milk when I was a kid (pun intended),  and it was vile.

Well, I opened it, and poured some in a glass.  It was very, very white.  Like emulsion paint.  It didn't smell, whch was a good thing.    It tasted...OK.     I think I could drink it.  I need to try it in our morning latte and see what happens.   The carton I bought will probably go off before I make myself do that.    I've seen that my milkman also delivers fresh goats milk, so I'm going to add that to my order.

The Kefir arrived.   It didn't stink as I expected (again remembering the goats milk as a child).    I pored some out.  170ml is quite a lot actually.    I started to drink it.  It reminded me of... of.... cheesey feet.   And then I realised what it really tasted like:  fizzy, runny, goats cheese.

I gagged.   I continued.  Everntually, it was all gone.  The book suggested blending with a banana (and adding stevia if needed).  I didn't reallhy want to do this, I wanted to see if I could acclimate myself.

Day 2,  it wasn't so bad to drink.  I downed half the glass in one go.  It wasn't great, but it was OK. 
During Day 2, it started to work.

Firstly, I had lots of digestive noises.  And then lots of wind.  And then, well, it was obviously clearing out my stomach contents.  In the evening, I felt a little nauseous.   I knew from the book that this was normal, it was just the kefir doing it's spring cleaning of my gut.

This morning, I just could not bring myself to drink it.  I think it as because I'd felt a little sick last night, that I was rassociating the taste of goats cheese with being so very ill.   It got to 2pm today, and I still hadn't drunk my dose.   

I gave in, and blended it with a banana.  As I was blending it, I realised that it probably wasn't a great idea (in my case) to do this. I had a strong suspicion that the drink was bow going to just taste like fizzy banana-ey goats cheese.    And it did.  It was also very very sweet.   Still, I managed to swallow it.

The book advises what foods should be avoided during the "detox" phase.   Hmm.   I think I'm probably going to ignore most of that.   (Avoid cow dairy products, bread, rice, pasta, sugar).  

I need to take some photos of my rosacea so I can check progress.

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