Monday, 4 January 2016

Still going

Another day, another dressing change for Wash.  The Vet was very busy, so the Nurse had to use a small side room to do the change, and we stayed.   I was interested - and a bit queasy at the same time - to see Wash's unbandaged leg.

The Vet popped in to take a look, and seemed pleased at the progress. 

The urine sample still showed glucose, so we now need to move to twice daily injections.   Of course the timing can't line up with Izzy's 3-times-a-day phenobarbitone tablets, so it's a bit limiting. Still, we'd rather have the cats than the freedom.

The last of the Christmas stuff came down today. I dismantled the wreath, and took down the ribbons that held the cards.  All the boxes are now in the loft,  only 50 weeks til they come down again.

Another mini round of decluttering, as I'm sorting through the stuff that came out of the guest bedroom so my DB could sleep in there. 

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