Thursday, 7 January 2016

Being a bit pathetic

The repair man came today to fill and fix DH's car. Did I mention that I managed to scrape the door and the rear panel on the driveway gate posts the other day?  

The rest of today was a bit of a struggle, for no reason other than I am being a bit pathetic.  This cold has washed me out, and I'm struggling to get up enthusiasm for anything much.

Eventually I managed to sort out the new living room storage unit, which involved rationalising and organising a whole load of stuff.  Did I mention we went to Ikea yesterday?  Both of us. Together! And we didn't row!!  Mind you, we didn't go round the store, we went straight to the warehouse bit.   We now have various storage units and  bits for various rooms, and that's what we've been mostly sorting out today.

I also spent quite some time at the Vet, with Wash.  His foot is looking quite healthy underneath the bandages, and I managed to get a quick photo of his unbandaged wolverine structure.

Washy was having his stitches out, which was mostly OK but a bit tricky in places.    I think it took a bit out of him as he's spent the whole day sleeping on the rug.

I did manage to use my embroidery machine, stitching out a rather tricky card for my uncle's birthday. It needs to be posted tomorrow, and I wasn't sure I'd get it done.  It was something like 26000 stitches, 24 colour changes and 20 different colours (it took me at least half an hour just to identify the threads), so it was a bit of a challenge.  
It took the entire day to complete, mainly because I was busy doing  101 other things at the same time.

I also managed to sell the old cabinet, so that's something else out of the way.

January is a busy month for birthdays, I've got another 3 cards to make in the next 10 days. I'd like to try and get them done by Sunday, then I might stop feeling like I'm running to catch up.

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