Friday, 1 January 2016

Curates Egg

We were relieved to find, at our subsequent appointment,that Wash hadn't damaged his leg when he did a runner the other day.  The leg/foot is healing well.

The not so great news was that he *still* has glucose in his urine. The two Vets each proposed a slightly different approach regarding whether to start with insulin, and both rationales were sound. In the end, we looked the potential consequences of making the "wrong" decision, and we started with the insulin injections.  The Vet told us what he would normally prescribe, and that we were giving about a quarter of that a day, so there shouldn't be any problems.  The next dressing change and test was 2 days later, and we checked we understood what adverse reaction looked like, and what action to take if this happened.

The first day was awful.  Wash was very lethargic, and even more sleepy than usual. His sleep was very deep, to the point where I was standing over him, I moved down until I was about to touch him, and he didn't stir at all.  We were ready to get another urine sample and get it tested the next morning,  we were sure his glucose levels must have gone too far the wrong way.    He did brughten up and get lively for a bit very late that evening, so we went ahead with the second inhection.    

Check up and dressing change today, and we were confident that there would be no glucose.  We were wrong.  So, the insulin was probably the right thing to do.

The couleur de jour is red. Not sure if this is coded,  or whether they just happened to get a red bandage out of the box. If I'd known red was available, I might have requesed it over Christmas
More weight gain today, so that's good news too.

Definitely a curates egg of a day.

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