Friday, 15 January 2016

Another victory

I've completely finished the landing. I will get the house back under control.

I can imagine that you're wondering how on earth it can be an achievement to tidy a landing.  How hard can it be?

Our actual landing is a typical small area at the top of the stair, but I also have a small "lobby" (which used to be the tiny bathroom and toilet) which now leads to our bedroom.  When I talk about the "landing" I include this, as it's all the same floor area.

I'd had a growing pile of unsorted stuff sitting on the landing for...months.  It was partly obscured by a bigger pile of stuff waiting to go into the loft.  Even when the sstuff finally went up into the loft last week, the remaining pile wasn't really too noticeable as (a) it had been there so long, it was like part of the furniture and (b) there was also huge piles of sewing related stuff on top of the cabinets that I used to store my fabric.

There wasn't any room in the cabinets.  They are lovely - oak, tambour fronted, office filing cabinets. I didn't really want to spend money on another cabinet, as I wasn't sure that would give me enough storage anyway.  In the end, I had decided I would replace them with cheaper, more versatile, Ikea storage.   I was procrastinating because the cabinets weren't cheap, we had very little proper furniture left and it seemed a shame to get rid of those to replace them with something purely functional.  Besides, I'd need to sell them, and I had to work up the energy to think about putting them on Ebay.

In our recent Ikea trip I had bought the cabinets to replace them, and all the storage stuff to go in them.  These were stored, flat packed, under our bed (in the space I made by doing my mega clearouts in the last couple of weeks).

DH kept on aout putting these new units up, and I kept resisting.  It would mean moving the old cabinets and dumping them in the guest bedroom, which of course I had only just got sorted out and couldn't face messing up again (I know, how lucky am I to have this sort of problem)..

In the end I decided I'd bite the bullet and the get whole area done.

We did it over the last couple of days.

The landing is completely clear,  the lobby looks lovely, perfect for purpose.  The lighness of the units reflects the light, whereas the old oak cabinets used to absorb it.

Thank goodness for Ikea.

The fabric area

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