Tuesday, 5 January 2016


All good intentions for today. I was going to clear the kitchen surface and get my machine set up again.  It started well enough, and then I derailed myself.

I got as far as putting on the vinyl table covering, bringing down the machine stand, the machine, the embroidery arm, and the cutting mats.  I farted around getting the positioning right.  I then decided to see if I'd had a response from Janome UK about a software problem I'd been having.  No response, so I emailed them again. 

While sitting at the 'puter, I wondered what a particular Ikea unit might look in place of my printer cupboard.  DH had used a couple of units in his study, and it had been quite effective. We had such a unit upstairs, in the guest bedroom, and I decided it would be a good idea to bring it downstairs, and see how it looked. If I don't like it, it could go back upstairs;  if I did like it, I could add getting a replacement unit to my "Next Ikea Trip" list.

Moving the existing cabinet was easy. Moving the cabling required a fair bt of time and a lot of patience.   Dust bunnies abounded, and I had to do quite a cleaning job (serves me right for being so lax normally).   Eventually, everything was unplugged, detangled, and separated.   DH and I carried the unit downstairs and put it in to position.

It looked good, better than I expected.   So, next I had to empty the old unit of the myriad of specialist printing stuff.   I don't have the right sort of storage for the new unit, so I added to the shopping list.  DH and I discussed how to handle extension leads, power supplies, etc.  I idled away some time looking at the Ikea catalogue, adding to my list.

In between times, I had correspondence with Janome, and tried various updates.  It wasn't looking good, and I could feel my enthusiasm for making anything waning. In preparation for this being really serious, I had to try and find where I might have stored the redundant old dongle.  It wasn't where it should have been. It wasn't where it might have been. It wasn't even where it shouldn't have been.   I found it in the end. In the box with the new software. Not a stupid place, exactly, but definitely one of those 'last places' I'd look. (What a stupid expression. Everything is always in the last place you look, even if it's the first place too!)

Eventually the TARDIS of a cabinet was empty, and I had piles of stuff everywhere.   I took a deep breath, and shoved it all in the new cabinet, to be sorted later.  I will review stuff and rationalise before final storage, especially as I've already got a charity shop run planned.

The floor was a mess, so I washed that.  

And I spent some time cuddling Wash, who has perked up significantly since he moved on to two doses of insulin a day and rather enjoyed inspecting everything.

At the eleventh hour, the lovely chap at Janome had a breakthrough and we got my software working again. I'm so relieved, not just because of the lack of hassle, but I could feel me getting less and less enthusiastic about the whole embroidery thing, and I was in the 'shutter' zone where I could see me taking everything back upstairs and leaving it there...and that would have been a shame as I've got quite a few birthdays in January that I had planned to embroider for.

I don't think I'll get any embroidery done tomorrow,  it's going to be quite a busy day anyway.

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