Friday, 8 January 2016

Managing patheticness

What is the noun for pathetic?   I suppose technically it's "pathos", but that isn't the type of pathetic I mean. I'm talking about being pathetic. Anyway,  I'm digressing again.

I'm invoking emergency measures to manage my patheticness.

I've forced myself to do a couple of items off my to do list, items which deep down I didn't really want to do and which I was avoiding and prevaricating about.     I am usually the Queen of getting on with the things that I don't wish to do;  my belief, that it's better to have a few minutes of pain/discomfort/whatever doing a horrible job immediately than having the thought of the horrible job hanging over you, is very strong (despite what impression I may have given on my blog).    It's a symptom of my patheticness that I just haven't been able to make myself do them.

And they were only unavoidable phonecalls.  Actually, I made one phone call and sent a text for the other one, which hasn't saved me any time or grief as I now have to wait for an answer and I'll probably have to phone in the end anyway. And I can't phone now because I've texted and it will be rude to phone.  See the tangled mess I've made, for no good reason?

The "emergency measures" involve breaking some of the (not actually very big) goals into baby steps, and then ticking off the baby steps as I do them.     Doing this I've managed to clear the last of the debris from our bedroom, without just dumping it somewhere else.      The baby steps were really tiny.  "Empty the small brown box onto the bed deal with the contents";  "Take the box of games and put it under the bed in the guest room"; "Empty rubbish bin";  that type of thing.   

I'm hoping the decluttering of a couple of rooms will help release my my mind a bit. 

I'm not sure I believe in feng shui but... well...  for the last week or so we've had to shut the hall door to make sure that Wash doesn't try and get upstairs (he's not allowed to climb or jump up or jump down off anything).    It's really having an effect on the feel of the house. The airflow isn't right.   Maybe there is something about energy being trapped/blocked?  

Or maybe I'm just full of cold, and tired, and in need of a nap or two.

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