Friday, 15 January 2016

4 weeks

It's been 4 weeks since Wash had his Op, 5 weeks since he was run over.

He's recovering really well.  Each time he has his dressing changed, his foot looks good (as good as a shaved leg and foot can look).   He's bright, purry, eating well.  He's put on lots of weight. 

He's good at taking his tablets, and he doesn't complain about the twice daily insulin injections.

He's still on cage-rest. We let him  spend most of his time outside the cage - he sleeps on the rug, or in a bed under one of the chairs.  
He is obviously feeling better as he's started trying to get on the sofa or on the cat tree.He's also very velvet pawed.  He can tiptoe past me and I don't even realise he's done it.

This is of course completely unacceptable,  and the irony is that he's having to be confined to his cage more now than he was when he first came home from the vet.

We're starting to try him on a specialised cat raw food diet now.  Today was the frist time, and I introduced a tiny amount of raw beef to his cooked chicken.  He wolfed it all down. (Can cats wolf?  Shouldn't they tiger  down, or panther down, or something?).   He wolfed down seconds.  Later, he wolfed down thirds. 

Despite the success, I'll continue with only a small proportion of raw for a day or two, and then increase it. 

Izzy is also meant to be starting on raw today.  She's refused to eat anything so far... but she also refused to eat anything without the raw food mixed in, too.

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