Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ups and Downs

It's been a very up and down week.

I got up one morning to find a sodden towel by the radiator in the bathroom.  I picked it up and, somehwat gingerly, sniffed it.  To my relief, it didn't smell of anything in particular. I mentioned it to DH who said the radiator had leaked.   We cleaned up, and put kitchen towel underneath, to see if we could spot the leak. Of course it stayed dry.

A couple of days later, I was cleaning the bathroom, and I found water underneath the soil pipe. Nowhere near the radiator. It was defintely a soil pipe leak. Probably.  I called DH to investigate further.  Yup, definitely a leak. 

We discussed the implications of a fix, which included having to cut out a rectangle of flooring around the toilet.   A hole in the floor isn't a disaster. We've been talking about reflooring the bathroom for several years now, but the associated implications (moving the toilet, radiator, and basin) kept resulting in us deciding to "leave it for now"

The toilet had to be fixed so DH who is a whizz at almost every handman job imagineable, set to work.He did a fab job of neatly cutting ot the flooring.  We left the toilet unplumbed for a couple of days while the floor dried out.

By coincidence - genuinely - I had an email from Karndean advertising the third release of their new "loose lay" product.  Because of the hole in the floor, and because Karndean is are solid flooring everywhere else in the house,  I took the time to read about it. It sounded interesting, so DH had a look.  Then we went to look at some.   And then we came home and discussed it.  It's a completely different sort of flooring to what we have elsewhere, but it is much easier to lay. More importantly, individual pieces can easily be removed and replaced.    

We agreed we'd do the bathroom, but not the rest of the upstairs. The bathroom could get away with having differnet flooring, so if we put it down and didn't like it enough to use it elsewhere, then no harm done.
We disagreed about the laying pattern (the joy of the online visualiser), but we'd agreed on 2 possible colours - both from Karndean's first release.   We also agreed that we'd buy enough to do it the way I would prefer, and the nature of the product means we can lay it out and see what we think before commiting to the final pattern.

We left the choice of colour to percolate overnight and, by the morning, we'd each come round to the other person's point of view! How typical of us.

It's ordered now, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, my "back" ache is getting worse.  The anti inflammatories prescribed by the Doc haven't helped that, although they have worked on my knee.  The blood tests on Friday were relatively painless, helped by the fact I've decided to stop being such a baby about it and the fact that the lady who took the blood was really kind and calm. I thanked her because it was probably the least stressful blood-taking I'd ever had.

I've not been interested in machine embroidery for a few days, I was wondering whether I was now officially bored of it.   I had an email from one of the sites I've purchased from, and they were having an Easter sale.  I didn't buy anything, but I did check my Wish Lists on some of the other sites and found sales all over the place.   I bought a few things, and I had a go at a couple of them today.  They came out well and I'm feeling a little more energised about it now.

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