Friday, 13 March 2015

Cammy Crazy

It was most unexpected.

I bought the Cameo Silhouette ("Cammy" as s/he is now known) to cut fabric shapes for applique and embroidery projects.   After a shaky start, it's now working really well.

Of course Cammy wasn't designed to cut fabric, s/he (can't tell yet whether Cammy is a he or a she) was designed to cut paper and vinyl and stuff;  the fabric cutting  is just a bonus.

I had decided to make Darling Step Son 1's birthday card, and had sought out and bought some aeroplane fabric especially.  I knew what I was going to make, I loaded the designn onto my embroidery machine, laid out the fabric... and then I changed my mind.

I thought about Cammy and what s/he could do.  So, I decided to try  a "simple" cut of his name in the card,  backed with fabric.  Despite the " ", it really was easy.... it just took me 4 or 5 versions of text before I found a combination of font and size that showed the aeroplane pattern off reasonably.

It wasn't easy to stick the fabric to the card at the front - double sided
tape and glue dots didn't stay stuck to the fabric. In the end, I used Pritt to stick the fabric to the inner lining sheet, then used double sided tape around the inside frame and stuck the lining sheet to that.

The images are a bit big, really,  to be used in a name cutout.  I suppose I could have cut a shape....maybe an aeroplane shape... and backed that..... 

No. I'm not doing it again.    I'm not.

But I will bear that in mind for other items.

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