Monday, 9 March 2015


I am sick to death of making those heart shaped things!

Some of my (many) rejects
It would all have been OK if I hadn't got it into my head to stuff both sides.  I've tried many variations now, and it always almost works, but not quite.  I got close, but the stabiliser couldn't cope and statred to come away as the last little bit was stitching.   I sighed,  cut some more hearts, and worrked out how to reinforce it.  It sewed perfectly well, but was so hard (with layers of stabiliser inside) that I might as well have not bothered with the blooming stuffing.

I had to get the presents in the post this morning, so yesterday morning I decided to sew tags without stuffing.  I couldn't face doing hearts again, so I did bows instead.  Of course I had to go through the scanning etc (sidetracking to see if I could improve that side of things),

I ended up with some beautiful bows.The final versions were lovely (although not quite perfect).#

Of course I failed to photograph them before packing intrictaely fixing them to the presents and posting them off this morning.

Oh well.

Hope they like them!

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