Monday, 9 March 2015

All of a flutter

After the trials and tribulations of the tags for the Twins,  I was hoping that the card for my mother would be a little bit easier.

I'd already made the card for my MIL.  For my mother, I had decided to make an organza butterfly. I'd seen one of these on a Facebook page a few weeks ago and had bought the design.  I kept not getting round to going to the fabric shop, so I ended up ordering some organza online - probably a less-expensive-overall option that risking going in to a fabric shop.  

The saga of the Twins stuff meant that I had had enough of embroidery to last me for a week or so.... but I wanted to make the Mothers Day card so it was done and ready to post.    The butterfly back is made first, then the wings,  then these are attached to the body. All done in/on an embroidery hoop.

I made my first butterfly, and was really pleased with the results until I realised that I hadn't quite got the body in the right position relative to the head.   It was a good learning exercise.

By a quirk of machine hoop sizes,  the back needed to be made on one sized hoop,  the wings could fit on another size, and the teeny body and assembly is done on a tiny hoop.  This was great, as it meant I could have everything hooped and ready to go, no messing about re-hooping part way through. 

My second attempt was therefore much faster.  The butterfly was most acceptable.   The design wasn't particularly cheap, it came from

I used an A4 sheet of 280gsm white card, which I folded in half.  I decided to use my Cameo Silhouette to carve my mother's name out of the card, which worked well (although I think Cammy was assuming I wanted to use the letters that were cut out, rather than using the cut-out, IYSWIM. That's why the O looks the way it does). 

 I stuck some complementary fabric from my stash of fabric squares to the inside cover, which added interest to the cut-out name.   Finally I computer printed an insert, which I glued to the inside front to cover up the back of the fabric.

I'm pleased with the result, and feel strangely refreshed.

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