Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The next day

Got up early (early for me) as the Tea Man was due.  I got downstairs to feed the cats, and Tildawas chatting away to me.  I'd partially shut her door last night, and I think she was objecting to being confined.

I opened the door and she waddled out, chattering away.  She is definitely too well to be an indoor hen.

I gave her some food, made tea for myself and DH.  I opened the back door and shuffled Tilda towards it.  As soon as I moved forward to encourage her over the threshold, she turned round and pushed between my legs to get back in to the kitchen. 

I've been here before. 

I went upstairs to get showered and dressed. A little later, I tried again.  Tilda was still not having any of it.  This time she actually toddled back in the safety of the pied-a-terre. I could see I was going to have to physically force her outside.

I had to go out. I didn't want to put her outside while I was out, as I wanted to keep an eye on her interactions with the Mob.

When I came back, she was sitting tidily on the flor, tail up, watching outside.   It was raining ice, so I decided to let her stay in the kitchen for the moment.

DH is saying nothing.

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