Monday, 16 December 2013

Fits and starts

Another Izzy fit this morning. 

I woke up and realised something had actually woken me. Rushed out of bed and could hear a noise. It was Izzy's feet, hitting the ashpan and the ashpan hitting the wall, which had disturbed me.

I'm actually pleased that the ash pan was there, as I might not have heard her otherwise.

It was partially caught on camera.

Later, as she was moving away from the food dish, her front right leg was rigid.  At first we thought she must have hurt it in the fit, but I had seen her walk from the hall to the food and her leg had been OK.   Izzy could not understand why she couldn't move her leg.

A few seconds later, it was OK.

The food diary we've been keeping since her last fit, 3 weeks ago, hasn't shown anything. 

If the previous fit patterns are repeated, she'll have more fits over the next couple of days.

She's sparko on the rug at the moment.

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