Friday, 6 December 2013

Pig of a day

Picked up another half pig from Shirley today.  I think this is the 6th one we've had?

We wanted to have a go at Salami this time,  as well as some "midweek hams", so the cutting was very slightly different to previous times.

We ended up with:

Lean Diced Pork, bagged in 250g and 450g bags = total 1.5kg
Lean Minced Pork, bagged in 250g bags, total 1.2kg
Pork for sausages - not yet weighed. There was a lot of this, I know I put stuff in here that probably should have gone into "lean mince"
Lean pork for Salami: 1.3kg

Joints: (currently in the fast-freeze compartment -, I'll update the weights when I move them)
1 x Belly
1 x spare rib roasting joint (shoulder)
1 x shoulder

For Hams:
1 x 3.1kg (inc bone) for gammon ham
2 x small bacon joints (687g and 826g)

For Bacon:
2 x Belly (one for smoked, one for unsmoked) total 1.3Kg
1 x loin 1.276 kG

Spare ribs for dinner tonight
2 x trotters, for trotter stock (pork pie jelly) - unweighed
2 x hocks, 808g and 543g
Fat for lard (2 good sized jars made)
Hard back fat for salami - unweighed

Head - for friends who want to use it
Kidney - unweighed

Waste: unweighed
It went well.  The bacon and midweek joints are in their curing mix.   We still have to make sausages, and to start the salami.   The huge gammon leg still needs boning before we start that a-curing.

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