Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dinner, B&B

Tilda stayed out all day.  In fact, she was permitted into the group of hens as they sheltered from the wind.

Even mealworms didn't cause too many problems.  I'd ordered some when I realised Tilda would be in for a couple of days; they are a good source of protein, and it's been ages since the Girls have had some.

Shutting in time did not go so well.   6 bowls of porridge, and Tilda wasn't allowed any.  She sat off to the side, waiting.   Eventually she crept, bit by bit, to a bowl and started to have a nibble.  All was OK until Custard spotted her.  Custard raced across the run to peck Tilda very hard on the head. Tilda rushed away, and wedged her hed down by the side of the dust bath  - safe from any attacker.

I saw this happen, so I went out. I opened the run door to see if Tilda wanted to come out.  I stroked her, until her head lifted. Then I moved away, opened the door, and called her.  For a second or two, she didn't move.   I got ready to shut the door, then she suddenly stood up and hopped over the threshold and waddled towards the house.

I wasn't actually ready for her in the house. I've been cleaning the kitchen all day, and I'd emptied out her pied-a-terre.  I quickly set it up, and she walked in and started eating her dinner.

I think we'll have a couple of days with her outside in the day, and in overnight.

Let's see how that goes.

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