Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Yesterday morning - before the Christmas card business and the house hen food business - was taken up with buttermaking.

8 litres of double cream,  all churned, washed, chilled, salted, made into blocks,  chilled and frozen.  2 loaves of buttermilk bread made. Much of it has already been eaten, but I've dried some to make breadcrumbs.  I know it's crazy to make bread to make breadcrumbs, but I've run out. We're mainly eating rye sourdoughs,  and the crumbs from those just aren't right for breadcrumbs.

Lots of portions of buttermilk measured out into yorkshire-pudding sized amounts and frozen.I've still got a jug of buttermilk in the fridge.

Then, the final Creole cake was made, using the fruit that I've ben soaking for the past couple of weeks. This one is a "thank you" for my cousin and his wife.

I didn't get round to marzipanning the to-be-iced cakes yesterday,  and I didn't get around to it today either.

I will definitely do them tomorrow.

Just realised I didn't make any dough for piadines for tonights dinner, either. Bother! bother!! bother!!!   Never mind, the pork will be fine until tomorrow.

I have, however, written all the cards and addressed the envelopes. 

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