Saturday, 7 December 2013

Senior moments

I was just putting the pitatoes in the oven to bake for dinner, when I had a flashback. 

I couldn't remember turning on the electric fence.

I realised that I probably had turned it on when I left the chooks, but I just wasn't sure. I couldn't risk leaving it, as I'd be mortified if we got there tomorrow and found the Girls foxed.

So I had to drive over there.

The fence was on, of course.

I did take the opportunity to peek at who was sleeping with whom.   Henry and his 6 wives were in the shed.  No suprise there, although I had wondered if Nora, Batty and Coffee might be in there too as they are now part of Henry's flock.

In the number 1 coop,  Nora, Batty and Coffee were on the roosting bars.  Mrs was in the nestbox. And to my surprise, one of the Small Hens was in with her. I couldn't tell whether it was Siouxsie of NotNorman, and I didn't want to lift her up to check.

Norman and the other Small Girl were in adjacent nestboxes in the Number 2 coop.

Everyone was well spaced out, so no need to worry about the weather at the moment.

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