Saturday, 14 December 2013

Not today, thank you.

Since yesterday, having run out of any special food,  and having rejected the Dodson and Horrel Layers Mash, Tilda is forced to eat normal layers pellets.  Her diet has been layers pellets,  once-a-day mealworms,  and some yoghurt.  

She's not too happy about this. Whenever I go past, she rooks through her food cup shucking out the pellets looking for something more interesting.  I've explained to her that I have ordered some alternative mash (having failed to find any to buy locally), and that it'll be here on Monday.   She doesn't understand.

This morning, as I came the stairs, she was in the middle of the kitchen floor bokking loudly.  The cats were in the hallway, refusing to go into the kitchen without an armed escort. 

After her mealworms, I showed Tilda the open back door.  She did her occasional trick of scooshing through my legs back into the kitchen.     II tried again later, this time she ran back to the sanctity of her pied-a-terre.  I realised that there was an expectation that  reaching "home" meant I couldn't pick her up and put her out manually.

I have no idea why. It's cold out, but it's a sunny morning.  She's looking very perky.  

Maybe she senses that her time indoors is coming to an end and is trying to string it out?

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