Thursday, 19 December 2013

In control

Matilda had a few days where she refused to go out. Sometimes, I couldn't blame her - the weather has been a bit variable.  Other times, I've been surprised at her reluctance.  She's been exploring the kitchen a bit more,  even reaching the door to the living room at one stage. DH put her back in her pied-a-terre  (p-a-t)at that point.

Today was cold but bright and dry, and I decided she really MUST go out.   Fortunately for both of ud, Tilda did choose to go out.  She didn't go over to the netting that divides the "garden" from the "chicken paddock" though,  she went and sat near some shrubs in a different part.    That was unusual, and I think must reflect her uncertainty about her flockmates.

She seemed quite content sitting out there, so I left her to it.

Later - much later - I came into the kitchen. A few seconds later, I had a chicken standing outside the kitchen door,  beak apparently resting on the glass.  She'd obviously decided she'd had enough of outside, thank you.

She came straight in when I opened the door, and shuffled into her P-a-T.

She's sitting there now, tail up, eyes bright, and watching me.

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