Sunday, 5 May 2013


Two nights ago I changed the opaque white winter tarp, which covers top and both sides of the cube run, for a couple of shades. These are green, let the air through, and cover the top and one side.  I only had enough to do one run, so I did that of the orange cube.

I went out to transfer Lotti, who was sleeping in the egg underneath the orange cube, into the orange cube.  A quick inspection revealed that all the Old Girls were in the green cube and only Poppy was in the orange cube nestbox. Ha. Perfect.


Last night I went out to transfer Lotti, and a quick torchless inspection revealed that the green cube was full of the old girls. A torchless inspection of the orange cube revealed that the green cube wasn't in fact full of the old girls as one of them, I think it was Roobarb, was in the orange cube.  Poppy was in the orange cuve nestbox.     I posted Lotti and shut the door.

This morning I found a Lotti egg in the Pampas.  I don't quite know why Lotti was unable to lay in the nestbox. I know Poppy is occupying one part, but the other part is free. And the green cube nestbox (where Lotti has laid occasionally) was empty.

I can't put Poppy in a broody box, as the dog crate that I use for that purpose is in use in the kitchen - it's Tilda's pied a terre

I might have to look for another one. 

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