Sunday, 19 May 2013

They're coming!

So we now have 14 eggs in the incubator.  Yesterday afternoon I noted that two of them had pipped. In the evening, a couple more.

This morning when I went in at 7am to check on progress, we had one live chick and several more pipped.  At 8.30 I caught the end of another one hatching (one I hadn't even noted down as having pipped, so maybe it pipped on the underside).

At the moment I've left the discarded shells in the incubator.  The hatchlings need to dry and fluff up, and if I open the lid to remove the shells I'll just let a blast of dry air in... not good for them, and not good for the pipping chicks who need the air to remain humid.

I have turned on the table top brooder to warm up, so I can transfer some chicks tonight (if it's safe to do so).

I'll post some pics or video later.

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