Monday, 6 May 2013


I ran out of tarragon vinegar some months ago, and I really really miss it.  It is de-licious, and I love it most when I make hollandaise sauce.  (ooh, hollandaise sauce. I lurve hollandaise.

The tarragon in the garden is starting to grow. Even though I know there isn't enough yet (even though I sneaked in an extra bought plant a few days ago), I decided to take a quick peek in my favourite preserving book to just to check the quantity.

The book has many pages stuck together from my efforts at various recipes.  I unstuck the pages, and reminisced about the many delights I'd made.   I'm still waiting for the pickled eggs I made the other week, using one of their recipes, to mature.  As I was unsticking,  a couple of untried recipes caught my eye, and before I knew where I was I'd been bookmarking lots of them for trying AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Kimchee.  I've tried that before, from a different book, and it was a disaster.  However, Johnny and Nick haven't let me down so far,  I know Kimchee is excellent for aiding digestion,  so I'm goign to try again.

Smoked beef, smoked eggs, smoked custard tart.  Well,we bought an economy cold smoker last year and haven't used it yet.  The recipes here have inspired me, it's time to get it out and give it a go.

Taplow sausage.  We're getting half a pig sometime this month, so maybe we'll give his sausage recipe a go.

And so on.   The list is rather long.   I'm itching to get started.

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