Friday, 24 May 2013


At last, it's piggy time again.  We ran out of sausages a month (or more) ago, diced pork a couple of weeks ago,and we're just about to run out of mince.

Collected out half pig this morning, and spent the afternoon butchering, mixing sausagemeat, starting the bacon curing,  and tidying up.

The porker this time came up quite a bit smaller than last time, so the yield wasn't as big.  I think I also wasn't as scrupulous at getting every last bit of meat off as I normally am.

MAY 2013

1.5kg lean mince
1.5kg diced pork
2.0 kg for sausages (which will make more than 3kg of sausages)
968g back bacon
920g back bacon, for smoking
745g streaky bacon
1 x to be weighed  (bone out) ham
1x1.Kg Belly joint
1x800g Belly joint
1x2.5Kg Hand joint
1x2.3Kg Shoulder joint
1x1.9Kg Shoulder joint
1x hockjoint (unweighed) 
2 trotters 
home rendered lard (still rendering, so not sure of volume yet).

"Next time" Notes for myself:
  • DH to do the leg first,  so I can be processing it while he works on one of the other quarters.
  • I can be separating the fat on the belly while he does the leg.
  • Need new sausage casings next time. 
  • Allocate some shoulder to try home made luncheon meat

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