Monday, 6 May 2013

Another broody?

So.  This morning I put Poppy back in the broody cage (along with some live mealworms as an apology).  My plan was to leave her in there until the others had all laid, at which time I would close the pop holes and let her out.

No one seemed to show any sign of laying, so I shut access to the Cubes and let Poppy out.

She ran round the garden shrieking like a banshee, took a dustbath, and then stomped back off to try and get in the Cube.  She couldn't, and we had a bit of a hissy fit while she made her displeasure known.

Meanwhile, I cut up grapes in the kitchen, dipping the quarters in carefully measured Flubenvet.  We're on day 4 (of 7).

It was easy enough to give 5 of the girls their two quarters. Poppy was stomping around being angry at the time,  so she missed out.  I went into the Run, shut the door, and offered her the grapes. She refused to eat anything from her...her...her..jailer.  I left them on a brick in the run, and left her shut in. Two seconds later, they had disappeared.

I was puzzled about Florence.  Then I realised she must be in one of the Cubes, and must have been in there when I shut the access to the Run.  I opened the egg port and a big, black, angry chicken screamed at me.   I put the grapes in, shut the door, and retreated.

Looks like Florence is also broody. Bother.

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