Monday, 20 May 2013

Ups and Downs

The chicks continued to arrive through yesterday (and last night, and this morning).   None of the have been stuck or in need of help hatching, which is fantastic.

We did have one sad thing happen. One of the hatchlings had some very bloody gunk stuck to to him. We weren't sure whether it was egg sac contents, or whether he'd been injured somehow.  We removed the then 5 other chicks into the temporary brooder, so they wouldn't be tempted to peck at him.  We couldn't risk taking him out to inspect, so we waited for a hour for him to dry out. During that time, another chick hatched. 

The injured chick had moved around, so we left him another 20 minutes.  By this time, the second chick was a bit more active, so we had to risk taking number one out to look.  It wasn't good news, and poor DH had to cull him. 

The evening was a bit flat after that, and the arrival of another chick didn't lift our spirits as it normally would.  

This morning, things felt better. There were 4 chicks in the incubator, so they were moved to the brooder as well.

And we've had 3 more this morning.  There is just one egg left. It doesn't seem to have pipped, but it's still relatively early.  This morning's trio will stay in the incubator until this evening anyway.

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