Monday, 15 October 2012


My brother has had a Vitamix for years, and he goes on and on an on about how fantastic it is. 

Some years ago, I started to save the money to buy one for myself. I eventually saved enough, and planned to buy one at that year's Good Food Show (GFS). The Demo at the GFS was excellent... but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on a...on a... on a blender.

In the intervening years, I've looked at them occasionally, and I've been very tempted. But it always comes down to how much?? for a blender??!!  and I couldn't do it.   I could absolutely see what a good machne it was,  and I was sure in the hierarchy of  kitchen appliances it was probably "worth" the money, but what it came down to in the end was a sneaking suspicion of would I really use it?

Besides, I have an excellent Mgimix food processor, which I use all the time. It sits on the worktop so it's within easy reach, and I use it for even small jobs like grating lots of cheese.  Would the Vtamix be any better than this?

A few months ago I was making very special gravy. This was superb gravy,  made with lots of vegetables that had sat under a pork joint for a long time. It was gravy which required the vegetabes to be pushed through a sieve or a mouli.  As usual, I used my hand mouli.   It occurred to me, as I was grinding away,  that this was the sort of thing which could be done well in a Vitamix.  The mouli stops the skins going through, the vitamix blitzes the skins as well.

Then Lakeland started to sell Vitamix.  This got me very interested, because of heir "No quibble guarantee", which meant that if I bought a Vitamix and didn't get on with it, I could take it back.  I still couldn't quite bring myself to spend the money, but I did find myself researchnig Vitamix prices, and looking at them on Ebay to see what they sell for.

Over the next month, each time I had a cooking task, I thought about whether it could be done quicker or better in a Vitamix.   Each time I used the Magimix, I took a moment to think about the Vitamix.    The area where the Vitamix looked like it would score over and over again, was the apparent ease of cleaning.   Not that the Magimix is difficult to clean,  but there are always several bots that need doing: the bowl, the lid, the pusher, the blade....   And I don't put it in the dishwasher because (in my experience) it makes the bowls brittle after a while.

Three weeks ago, I had another slow roast pork joint,  and another gravy session.   And that's when I decided to do it.

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