Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I can see that there isn't going to be a magic moment when the Littlees (LGs) suddenly decide to go to bed with the Big Girls (BGs).  

Tonight they were happy enough popping into the BGs' run for some corn, but then popped out again to try and go in their own run. It was temporarily occupied by Florence and Milly. Florence got out fairly quickly, then proceeded to run around the garden,  running away from me, and got caught in some fencing.    When I calmed her down I realised that she was moulting quite a lot. It was a relief, frankly, as I had assumed that the black feathers I'd been finding were from Poppy being henpecked.

Milly was less easy to persuade out. In the end I had to pretend to be distracted, so she could lurch past me.  She then ran into a corner and ran backwards and forwards as thoug she was trapped.  In the end I decided to help her out by going to catch her.  She seemed relieved, and then pretended to be affronted.  Daft old bat.

When the forecasters mentioned snow, I gave in and ordered an extreme weather jacket for the Cube. I'd been considering it for a while, but had thoight that if the Girls were all integrated, it wouldn't be necessary.  However, with the forecase of snow posisbly this weekend, I decided it would be a good idea  just in case, as the LGs were still on their own.  

Tomorrow I might move the LGs' cube again. It's a bit soon, but it would be good from a weather perspective to have it next to the other one... connecting it to the BG's run might be a step too far. We'll see.

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