Thursday, 18 October 2012

More Vitamix experiments

Ocado had a twofer offer on mangoes, so I bought two in my delivery.  I decided to make a mango smoothie.  My previous excursions have resulted in something more akin to ice cream, and all I wanted was a drink (Like I used to make with my stick blender, only smoother).

I started with natural yoghurt and added some Keffir milk. Then some mango (without the peel, which I presume was a mistake really).  A quick was OK, but not an adventure.  So, I added half a peeled orange,  half an unpeeled apple,  some spinach, some ice, and some ground flax.  I blitzed and tried it.  

Hmm. It didn't taste unpleasant, but it did taste a bit green and a bit gritty.  I remember reading on the Vitamix Lady's website that the grittiness is a result of people not blending for lon enough.  But I knew that blending generated heat, and heat needed counteracting with ice. But I didn't want an icy drink.

In the end, I added more ice cubes, blended again, and went and did something else for 30 seconds.  The result was much smoother textured drink. It wasn't quite  cold enough (more ice next time), and it was reasonably pleasant. I'd drink it again, but I wouldn't give it to my DH (who can sense green at 20 paces).  

I'm sure there was a hint of grass in there...must be the spinach.

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