Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Fretful Eye

This morning I made sure that there was a amal gap in the join between two lots of netting, and let everyone out.    Before long, the Littlees were in the Biggees area,  exploring the walk in run,  and the Biggees hadn't noticed.

A bit later, Roobarb was in the Littlees area, eating the remains of last night's treats.  And then Milly.  And then Florence (Australorp).   Custard tried to get through the gap a few times, but couldn't manage it,  which was a relief.  Tilda sat elsewhere watching proceedings.

The Big Girls are mostly ignoring the Littlees, which is rather easy. The garden is rather large and the chooks have lots and lots of places to explore and hide.  I keep checking up to find out who's where.

At one point, the Littlees were under the Pampas on the BIg Girls side, and 3 of the Big Girls were under the Pampas   on the Littlees side. 

I'm secretly hoping for a miracle...where they all toddle off to bed together without any hassle.  Meanwhile, back in the real world, I'm keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

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