Sunday, 28 October 2012

Poorly Tildy

Tilda, my special needs hen, isn't very well.

She was a bit quiet on Frday evening. Yesterday morning she didn't come out o fthe Cube in the morning, I found her sitting in the nestbox.  I brought her in, hand fed her (she wasn't very interested), gave her some Nutridrops, and then put her back in the nestbox.

She came out of the nestbox a few minutes later (the Nutridrops having taken effect) and sat under the pampas all day.   I offered her some food and water during the day, and some grapes, and I put her in the nestbox when I shut everyone else in.

This morning, still in the nestbox.  I brought her in to the kitchen, offered her some food (which she ate, a little), some cat food (a morsel), some water (she refused), and I forced some Nutridrops into her beak (being careful not to overload, otherwise the liquid would g odown the wrong tube, into her lungs, and drown her).   She needs liquid, so I cut up some grapes, which she did gobble down.  Not the most nutricious food,  but full of water so not bad.

I then sat her in the corner of the kitchen, with an upturned box as a table, giving her a bugget of Garvo, garvo treats, chick crumb, growers pellets, fish based cat food, and water.  She's pecking at it (pun intended), but eats the growers pellets or the Garvos when I hold them up for her.  She's not interested in the water or the cat food.

I'll get her to eat some more, then I'll put her back in the nest box for now. She won't have the stress of the kitchen and the cats that way (although the cats are probably more stressed about her presence than she is about theirs).

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