Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Balancing Routine

The Littlees and the BGs (Big Girls) are managing to get along, free ranging together.  When I say together I mean not being physically kept apart. They are actually still wandering around in their separate groups.

The Littlees have been making themselves at home in the BGs walk in run. Yesterday, though, at 5pm they were back in their own run waiting for their usual bedtime snackerel.  Today was similar, so I decided to give the BGs their corn, and Littlees their Garvo, but to leave both run doors open.
I fondly imagine that the Littlees will wander into the BGs run when they've finished eating, and they'll all happily snuggle up together.
Of course that's not how it turned out. I've just had to rescue the Littlees from Milly, who has invaded their run and is gobbling all their food.  I've shut the Littlees in now. I'll open the door up again when they've finished eating.

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