Monday, 29 October 2012

Tilda, update

Tilda is still not well.

I got her out of the nestbox again yesterday, same routine with the Garvo, Garvo treats and grapes. I also offered her some yoghurt, but as she then stuck her beak in the Garvo her beak ended up being a mealworm and corn collage.

I wiped it off, gave her some more Nutridrops.  Later, I put her back in the nestbox.

This morning she was out in the run, fluffed up in a corner. I brought her in, gave her some Garvo and some grapes, followed by some Nutridrops.  I then left her in the kitchen with a bowl of Garvo and some spinach and water.  She picked at the Garvo, ignored the rest.  Later, more grapes.   After a couple of hours, she was dozing, so I offered her some more food, and then put her back in the Run where she had been this morning.

A bit later, she'd moved to the Pampas grass. She's sitting very fluffed up, and not looking well.  If she wasn't moulting, I'd think she was maybe laying a softy.

I'll leave her where she is for now, and bring her in again for another snackerel in a couple of hours.

I think a trip to the Vet will be too stressful for her at the moment, she needs to be a bit stronger first.

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