Monday, 22 October 2012

Speeding up

The integration has been going well.  The "gap" in the netting which separates the two free range areas is big enough for the Littlees to pass through easily, so they can come and go as they please. It's small enough to prevent Custard and Tilda getting through;  but Milly, Roobarn and, surprisingly, Florence (Australorp) are able to get into the Littlees' area.

I'd prefer it if Milly couldn't get in, as she is such a vicious old bag, but she's a Legbar so very small.  The good thing is it means the two LIttlees only have 3 Big Girls (BGs) to contend with,  and only 1 of them (Milly) is nasty.  The other nasty BG, Custard, hasn't been able to get through the gap; neither can the usually mild manneredTilda, who is bottom of 5 and doesn't want to be bottom of 7 so is (understandably) not tolerating the Littlees very well.
There have been a few squabbles, and the Littlees are doing a lot of running away. Especially Lotti.  I think that Popy gets away with things because she's black and looks like Florence, so the BGs don't immediately realise she's an intruder.
I moved the Littlees cube again today, backing it up nearer to where it is going to end up (next to the BGs cube).    Snow is forecast for Friday, which will be a problem because the two Littlees may have trouble keeping warm at night.   I'm going to accelerate moving their CUbe so it is next to the other one by Friday.   I was hoping to be able to do it a couple of feet at a time,  getting it in place in about  a week or so from today.    Best laid plans, and all that.

I've ordered an extrme weather jacket from Omlet, just in case. 

This morning I also opened the two areas together, so Custard and Tilda can now storm nito the Littlees area at will.

The free ranging started with the 5 BGs occupying the LIttlees run,  and Poppy and Lotti perching on the seats in the BG's run. 

I've also seen Lotty and Poppy squaring up to each other more often, so I assume they are establishing a pecking order for themselves as well.

Never mind.  It will pass.

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