Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Still decorating

I'm  procrastinating.

I've almost finished masking. Taking a quick break as I had to find the decorating supplies box and get a new roll of tape.

DH arrived home and helped by unscrewing a book-case from the wall, taking off all the curtain poles and hold-backs, and doing a bit of hoovering. Or Henry-ing, actually.

I have a huge pile of curtains to wash. I'd forgotten that at that end of the room, there are four decorative curtains, not two. They'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I've also moved the logs back out to the log store,  cleaned and Henry's the stove, and cleaned the hearth.  No more fires for us this year then, lol.

Did I mention that I really, really hate decorating.  I love the end result, I just don't really like the process.  Despite this, I'm usually OK about it -  I Pollyanna a bit. "I'm glad I'm having to move the sofas to the middle of the room, because it gves me a chance to clean up behind them";  "I'm glad I'm emptying the cupboard because I can dispose of stuff that I no longer need";     I stop finding things to be glad about, about now

Although I do have one glad left:  I am glad that I'm only repainting, not changing the colour, as we don't have to take off the radiator or take out the picture hooks.

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