Friday, 23 March 2012

A bit of a blow

So, I ended up with 4 cremes brulee. DH and I ate one between us, before brulee-ing, just to see what the creme bit tasted like.

I bought a chef's blow torch.  I got home, found some lighter fuel, filled it up, and decided to try brulee-ing one of the 3 remaining brulees.  I was surprised that I seemed to be able to control it quite well. The top was fairly evenly toasted.  Then I realised I had forgotten to put the sugar on.  I was "caramelising" the custard itself.  Ha ha ha.

I put some sugar over the damage, and tried again.

It wasn't great, but it looks ok.  when it's cooled, I'll crack the brulee and see how it's come out.  And I will brulee the remaining two cremes for pudding tomorrow.

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