Sunday, 18 March 2012

Quick wash

Custard has a funny shaped bottom or,more specifically, the bit below her vent is a strange shape. It's a common trait in her line - her later-year sisters are the same.

It protrudes slightly. It means it's very difficult  for poo to miss.   I was cleaning her up the other day,  and I just couldn't get it all off with (sensitive - unscented) baby wipes. The weather was vile, so bathing it properly was out of the question.

This morning, it was warm and sunny. So, after my shower and before my breakfast,  I cleared down the kithcen, and filled the two sinks with warm water.  One sink had a small amount in - for feet cleaning, the other much more. Then I put on my chicken cleaning gear,  went and caught Custard and brought her in.

She was very patient while I cleaned her up.  Sometimes she spends time trying to escape the sink, but today she seemed resigned to it all. I only got her bottom (and legs of course) wet, so I was able to towel dry and put her back in the run.  I did consider using the hairdryer, the Girls quite like it on its gentle setting, but it didn't seem necessary.

Then I had to clean up the sink areas again.    They weren't actually dirty (apart from the one sink, obviously).  But you can't be too careful.   The sinks are soaking in Milton at the moment,  and I've Milton'd the whole area.

Back to normal now.

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