Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Decorating continues

My back hurts!

It took a while this morning to mask the skirting boards.  The special tape, with the fold out plasticky stuff to protect the floor, was a great idea. It took a while to do.   Next time,  I'll use "normal" masking tape and tape newspaper to the skirting,  that way  I can do it as part of my "day before" preparations.  I unpacked my Paintstick, set everything up, and got started with the cutting in.

I did all the cutting in in one half of the room,  then painted, then cut=in the second half, then painted.  As predicted, the actual rollering of the walls took less than 15 minutes each time,  but the cutting in took a while.

While the first coat dried, I went to the Allotment to check on the chooks (getting attacked by the cockerel for my trouble.  His card is marked.),  posted aparcel, got some crumpets and celery.  Back home, ate crumpets and then prepared a bolognese for dinner this evening.

By this time, the first coat was dry (at least in the first half of the room), and I could do the second coat.  This time I did my cutting in for one wall, then rollered, then cut in for the next wall, then rollered....  not as efficient, but at least I could tick off a wall at a time as being done.

I stoppwd about an hour ago and have been tidying up.  DH has suggested that we wait util tomorrow before putting everything back, and I think he's right.  i will remove all the masking before I go to bed though (back permitting), so that we haven't got all the messing aboutbefoer we can get started in the morning.

The kitchen needs repainting.  It needs more than the sitting room did.   The kitchen needs some filling-and-sanding;  it needs the ceiling painting;  there is a lot of stuff to remove to be able to paint the walls.    I need to work up the energy to do it.  Right now, I don't care if I never see a paint tin again.

But the sitting room does look fresh and clean.  We've also agreed we should replace the TV stand with something that will hide everything away and be less of a dust magnet.

Off to finish making dinner now.

NIght all.

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