Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scrub a dub

A slight ray of sun today, so I decided to scrubadub the Cube.  I like watching the bits dry in the sun, and I love it when it's all put back together and I know it is clean and disinfected.

It's always the preparation that takes the time.  Dismantling parts of the cube,  getting rid of all the Aubiose, getting out the pressure washer from the shed, finding the power lead for the pressure washer, unravelling the hose,  investigating why the pressure washer isn't working...

Eventually I was able to get scrubbing and spraying.   Our pressure washer has the delightful habit of continuing to let water through even when it's switched off.  I wish I had a remote control for the hose tap - it's on the other side of the garden, and I was getting mightily fed up of going backwards and forwards each time I stopped spraying to stop the water being wasted.

Eventually, the Cube shell was scrubbed,  and I went off to find the pressure sprayer so I could apply the disinfectant.  We use Poultry Shield, and over the years I have progressed from a hand sprayer to a proper pressure sprayer (non electric).  I haven't quite got to the backpack sprayer level, but I think that will be next.

I made up some Poultry Shield (9 parts water, 1 part Poultry Shield), and started to spray the inside of the cube.  Within 30 seconds, the spray nozzle wasn't working.  I've had this happen before. NOthing comes out.   I pulled it off in frustration and continued with the nozzle-less head.  This meant that the Cube was drenched in POultry Shield, as it was running out of the end really fast.    It was a hollow victory, as of course I used up all the solution within about 1 minute and had to make up some more.

When this was finished, and while the Cube shell was drying in the sun, I went back to the pressure washer.  Hose back on, switch on,  pressure washed all the bits: te back of the Cube, the egg port, the nest box entrance, the poo trays, the roosting bars...     By this time, my trousers (especially donned for the purpose) were soaked through with the splashback,  and I was squelching everywhere.  

This is why I need a sunny dry day.

It was now time to Ppoutry Shield the components.  I realised that I was cutting off my nose to spite my face by not having the nozzle on. It's a power sprayer, and it empties very quickly that way;  I then have to ake up another lot of solution, which is a waste of both my time, effort, water, and poultry shield. My rational head won the day, and  I went  in to the house to try and clear the nozzle. 

Back outside with a cleaned nozzle, I put it back on, and it worked for at least four seconds before seizing up completely.  I pulled it off threw it across the grass (very childish, I know...but I was hot, bothered and cross), and carried on.  I needed to fill up the sprayer three more times just to do the rest of the components,  and I have now run out of Poultry Shield.

DH will look at the nozzle for me later.  I need to do the Allotment coops and shed soon, and I really can't do those without it. 

I'm fine now, although still very soggy.   I think I might try emptying out one of the compost bins next.  While it's sunny.

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