Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lay in

Four eggs from five girls this morning!

Milly has been laying a few eggs a week for over a month now.  A few days ago we started to get an occasional brown egg, but we didn't know who it was from.  And now we're at 4 out of 5. What a lovely surprise!

The 4th egg had a weak spot in the shell (despite oyster shell being freely available).  Need to watch out for that, as I don't want any of the Girls discovering that eggs are delicious.

I might be wrong, but I'm assuming that it's Tilda who isn't laying yet:  as her comb and wattles aren't anywhere near as bright red as everyone else.  I don't mind Tilda having a free ride. 


  1. We too are getting five out of six. I can't figure out who isn't laying or perhaps one gal isn't laying regularly. If the girls don't go for the oyster shell (mine don't) try giving them some ground up egg shells. Just microwave them for a few seconds first.

  2. Am getting 12 out of a possible 14, so am feeling grateful ( and ri ch, as I can sell all they lay!)

    I love this time of year..